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Commitment Fees

Commitment Fees are paid on a monthly basis. Fees are solely to cover cost for Gym (Rent, Utilities, Insurance and Maintenance)

Uniforms, Competition Fees and Travel ARE NOT INCLUDED. You will receive a package with cost depending on sport. A payment plan will be provided to you. 

2024 Monthly FEES 

Sign Up Cost- $100 Deposit plus First MONTH FEE 

Single Participant 

$65 Bi-Weekly Split Payment Due 15th/25th

$120 Monthly Save $10 Due by the 25th


TWO Participants (MUST Share a Biological Parent)  

$80 Split Payment Due 15th/25th 

$150 Monthly Save $10 Due by the 25th


**$30 Each ADDITIONAL Sibling


Fees FYI

FEES ARE DUE the 25th of Each Month for the upcoming month. (Ex. Feb Fee will be due Jan 25th). A $25 LATE FEE will be applied if it is not received by the FIRST of the month. 


B.R.A.A.G is a year-round program, failure to pay fees TWO consecutive months will result in the following;  

● Suspension from Program for 6 Months- All back fees must be paid before returning.  



Save $10 off your monthly fee PER MONTH every time you refer ONE Household. Discounts will be applied to the following month's fee, ONCE New participant Sign Up Fees are paid. If your referral is no longer with the program, you will lose the discount. Referrals help the program grow and help you control your payout..

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